March Notes: A Construction Update

As soon as the stairs were torn out it was apparent that the floor upstairs was basically held up by a couple boards and a prayer. Last weekend we moved everything out of the back room – every book and bookshelf as well as everything I had hastily stored on the floor upstairs (brought down by ladder as there are no stairs). Movers came on Monday and hauled everything to a storage unit. The floor and ceiling came down the same day, and today the footings are being poured below the floor for the pillars. What a week. We will definitely be having a party when this is all over.

We were able to cancel or move most of the events scheduled at the store this month but there are still a few things going on. Our book club and poetry club will meet again this month in the front half of the store. The three events listed at the beginning of the newsletter will actually be in the next door space recently vacated by Thomas Architect Studios. The space is currently being renovated as an expansion for Fosbre Academy & Hair Salon and they are so very kindly letting us use it for our events.

In other less-fraught news, I have read some really wonderful books lately. Educated by Tara Westover, a memoir of growing up in a survivalist/fundamentalist Mormon family, deserves every bit of attention it has received. It’s a harrowing yet hopeful account. I finally read Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan – if you are in the mood to fall into a well-written historical novel, this is your book. I also really loved Barking to the Choir: The Power of Radical Kinship by Father Gregory Boyle. Next up I am planning to read the first two novels in the Karl Ove Knausgaard seasonal quartet, Autumn and Winter, as well as the March book for our store book club, The Secret History of Wonder Woman by Jill Lepore.

We are still open our usual hours and would love to see you. Whew, what a wordy update!

As always, I hope you are reading something good,


National Pie Day with Kate McDermott of Art of the Pie

Last night was such fun. We had a full house to hear Kate McDermott of Art of the Pie talk about all things PIE. It was also National Pie Day so naturally we had pies to sample. There was nary a crumb left by the end of the night! Thank you to everyone who came, brought a (delicious) pie, asked a question and bought the book. We DID run of out of books (!) but we will have more on Friday, January 26.

Kate is coming back to judge Olympia’s annual Pie Fest on Saturday, February 24. We are hoping to sell books at the event so you can always stop by and say hello then. More details soon.

Enjoy the photographs from last night:


Kate speaking to a full house


Cutting up the Pies


Beautiful Pies


My Blueberry Crumble Pie – turned out well!

Notes from Andrea

office books

One of our bookshop goals for 2018 is to create deeper and more meaningful content on our website. Clare and I are both working on this and we hope to post here on the blog a couple times each week.

As usual, I am reading so many good things. Last week I finished two good (slim) memoirs:


Dying: A Memoir by Cory Taylor (one of Obama’s favorite reads on 2017).
It’s often said that life is short. But life is also simultaneous, all of our experiences existing in time together, in the the flesh. For what are we, if not a body taking a mind for a walk, just to see what’s there? And, in the end, where do we get to, if not back to a beginning that we’ve never really left behind?


Silence: In the Age of Noise by Erling Kagge.
I was consumed by all that I saw and I shut out the noise. You cannot wait for it to get quiet. Not in New York, nor anywhere else. You must create your own silence.

round house

I also started re-reading The Round House by Louise Erdrich for the store book club this Thursday, January 25. It’s even better than I remembered.

As always, I hope you are reading something good.

First Blog Post

Welcome to our first blog post! We have been working to revamp our website (again) and decided to move back to a blog to share news and information about the shop and general bookish news. We also have an email newsletter that comes out about once a month, sometimes twice a month. Click here to sign up.

Consider voting for Browsers as best bookshop in Western Washington? Voting is open until October 30 and we would love your vote! This is our first nomination and we think it’s pretty cool.