Best of 2018

The year’s wrapping up so we’ve gone around and found the “Best of 2018” in the magical realm of books!

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NPR’s got a wonderful list of Best Books of 2018.

Literary Review brings us 2018’s Worst Sex scenes in fiction!

Open Letters Review shows us the Worst Books of 2018. I’m not sure I agree with some of these…Especially since some which show up on this list also show up on Lit Hub’s Ultimate Best Books of 2018



Ghost Stories for Christmas

Yule! Winter Solstice! Christmas! Hanukkah! ‘Tis the season of holidays and festivals! Of long nights and of twinkling lights to keep the dark away. The days grow short and the night grows long and in this dark season, it’s time to call back an old tradition–of telling ghost stories at Christmas.

Smithsonian discusses the traditions of this season. They’re about darker, older, more fundamental things: winter, death, rebirth, and the rapt connection between a teller and his or her audience”. Smithsonian explores in depth the English tradition of telling ghost stories.

Paris Review gives a list of 5 Forgotten Christmas Ghost Stories, while the Line up gives us another 4 Eerie Old Holiday Ghost Stories.

Come by the store and pick up a handful of bite-sized Victorian Ghost Stories! I give one of these to my family every Christmas and we all gather around the fire to listen as one of us reads it aloud.

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Links We Love – November


The Best-of-the-Year Lists are starting to come out – I look forward to this one every year: The 2018 New York Times/New York Public Library Best Illustrated Children’s Books. [NYTimes]

It’s time to start shopping for the perfect gift and we have quite a few of the items for sale in the store!: The 2018 Modern Mrs. DarcyGift Guide for Book Lovers.

And, finally, a feel-good bookstore story: How Do You Move A Bookstore? With A Human Chain, Book by Book. [NPR]

Books and Music

A winning combination? Or a sacrilegious abomination?

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The first time I realized how complimentary books and music could be, I was reading Kafka on the Shore by Haurki Murakami. Murakami dollops inquisitive references to a variety of songs throughout this and many of his other novels, so I found a playlist online, straight from the Murakami website, in fact, and played it on repeat while I read the book. It was phenomenal! These links below explore the complex relationship between music & books.

From Bustle, here’s twelve spotify playlists and albums to listen to while reading your favorite books!

This Guardian article debates whether reading while listening to music is sacrilege.

Here’s two great lists, one of songs inspired by books, the other of songs that retell a work of literature.

If you’re interested in reading any Murakami book to music, head over to the Murakami website! It’s got its own section on the music referenced in his work. And here’s the link to the spotify playlist for Kafka on the Shore.

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Links We Love – October

[interesting book and reading-related articles we’ve read lately]

Did you know there’s a word for all the books you own but haven’t read yet? I loved this. [NYTimes]

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The Man Booker Prize winner was announced this week! The book isn’t published yet in the US (out 12/11). This would be a great book club book… [The Guardian]

Literary voyeurism at its best: Inside the Rooms Where 20 Famous Books Were Written. [LitHub]